Alex Barredo
Alex Barredo

My name is Álex Barredo. I am a programmer turned analyst, turned podcaster. Currently researching about “onlineness”: why people do what they do & say what they say online.

My email:

What I do for a living:

  • I write a daily newsletter about technology with a podcast to match. Both are pretty neat.
  • I’m the tech lead at, a lovely full-fledged podcasting platform. 
  • I work with talent and advertising agencies at managing sponsorships and marketing campaigns. 

Before that:

  • I wrote about technology for La Vanguardia, leading newspaper in Catalonia and Spain. You can read all my articles over three years there.
  • I wrote newsletter in English about Apple: I never formally stopped, but I almost never update it anymore.
  • For the next five years, I researched about consumer electronics in Spain and Western Europe as an independent contractor.
  • I failed as a founder of two startups. 
  • I worked at Carat doing marketing for about three years.


Press mentions and quotes:


  • JPod (2022, in Spanish) 
  • TarugoConf (2020, in Spanish): “Podcasting as a Business”.
  • Etopia (2020, in Spanish): Roundtable about podcasting. – Not available online.
  • Etopia (2017, in Spanish): Conference about “The realities behind a daily Newsletter” – Not available online.
  • Ignite Madrid (2016, in Spanish): “When Spain Tried to Conquer China”.

Fun stuff:

  •, a website that parses any podcast feed and shows the statistics about the episodes.
  • A Telegram bot that alerts you when any football team plays, scores, and so on. It even sends you videos of the goals.
  • @BigTechAlert (Twitter), a bot that tracks what the key people and accounts of tech companies do Twitter.
  • @GobiernoAlerta (Twitter), similar but with politicians in Spain.
  • @TiempoEmoji (Twitter), a bot that tweets a map of Spain made in emojis with the current weather every four hours. @MeteoEmoji does the same for Argentina.